Volka Food International is a modern, state of the art production facility of confectionery and bakery products. We specialize in providing hygienic products in line with international production standards. Our commitment to quality of our products and hygiene is unparalleled and that is what makes us who we are.


Volka Food International is a new mega-addition to the S.M Group of Industries, an organization that has been operating successfully in the field of confectionery and bakery products for the past 20 years. The foundations of our business are based on ethical and moral principles that have helped us tremendously in molding our dreams into reality, while earning respect of the industry in tandem.
Our aim is to meet our strategic targets that will help us become a leader in the bakery and confectionery market, and ensure that every consumer is fully satisfied with our products.
We are proud to have multitalented, skilled professionals on our team. Our expert manpower has been the guiding force behind our safe and high standards of production. We believe in our employees and honor the devotion and sincerity they show towards the company. We know that with the support of our team we will expand into new ventures that will lead to progress and prosperity of not only the organization, but of the country as well.


Our vision is to create a vast portfolio of innovative and endearing brands that are not just the market leaders in confectionery and bakery production, but also become an inspiration for other players in the industry to follow.


Our mission is to provide wide variety of high quality products that undergo exemplary quality checks and procedures ensuring superior quality standards. At VFI our focus is to provide consistent quality to our customers, which we have achieved successfully due to stringent quality controls and modern research and development at every stage.
Our world class laboratory experts run regular checks and examine every product at each stage thoroughly. Our team consists of highly trained professionals, skilled technical staff and latest, state of the art equipment including moisture analyzers, ash determination equipment, and spectrophotometer and purity confirmation equipment.


At VFI our principle of quality assurance is, ‘opportunity is responsibility’. We not only maintain top quality but also believe in continuous improvement of procedures and stringent quality controls at each stage, which leads to our products being flawless. We focus on providing hygienic products with the highest standards, maintaining quality and values. Such precision and quality standards cannot be achieved without innovative R & D and continuous improvement at all levels.

Our philosophy and principles of good quality product include:

  • 100% fulfillment along international standards.
  • 100% customer satisfaction.
  • 100 % hygienic food that is safe to eat.
  • 100% environmental friendly processes.


    At Volka, we believe in conducting our business with the strongest code of ethics, while also ensuring we play our part in contributing towards the welfare of our employees and the community as a whole. We are proud to be involved in the following initiatives.

  • Accommodation and relief support for flood victims.
  • Accommodation and relief support for earthquake victims.
  • Regular meals to employees 3 times a day. (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner).
  • Dispensary with resident doctors and healthcare for employees and their families.
  • Our employees make us who we are. We invest in their training, ensure they actively participate in the decision making process and encourage freedom of expression. We also invest in incentive based pay in some cases.
  • Regular donations on a monthly basis to orphans and widows at the SOS village.
  • Regular donations to different NGO'S.
  • Regular donations for local healthcare programs.
  • Regular donations of equipment to a local school system.
  • Invested in road construction near our factory area to ensure vehicles and the public at large are free to move.